Pennsylvania Slim and his Band have been performing Blues, R&B, Soul, Jump Swing, Doo Wop and Rock-n-Roll from the 40's, 50's and 60's. His Band usually consists of piano and drums, and sometimes is augmented by bass and horns. Pennsylvania Slim is the vocalist and plays lead guitar, harp, and slide guitar. Many of his instruments are from the 1950's and 1960's to capture and authenticate the classic blues and rock-n-roll sound.

Some of the places in the St. Louis area that Pennsylvania Slim plays solo or his Band plays are Gulf Shores Restaurant & Grill, The Ritz Carlton Lounge, C.J. Mugg's, Table 3, Rendezvous Wine Bar, John G' s, The Hangar, Walnut Grill, and Tin Mill Brewing. Pennsylvania Slim or his Band play at Grafton Winery, Balducci's Winery, Noboleis Winery, Blumenhof Winery, Augusta Brewing and Parks and Country Clubs in the area. The Band also specializes at playing for private parties, Wedding Receptions and social events.

Pennsylvania Slim and his Band have played in other cities such as Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Memphis, Kansas City, Chicago and Beverly Hills, CA.

Pennsylvania Slim performs Solo, as a Duo act or as a Band. See his Schedule of Shows as to where he is currently performing.